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Smart Capita

Smart Capita Softwares samrtcapita

Information is the only thing which is necessary in all fields and the foremost important thing is that the storage of Information. Today, the world is now becoming digital world or technical world. Further, Information is also may become technical, means Information can be store in one software which can be easily commenced by any person. For this purpose, Smart Capita, complete software, which can be operated by any common people, has launched by Nicole Infosoft Pvt. Ltd.

As per our commitment to provide world class IT solution in tie II cities, Smart Capita is one of the biggest steps in that direction. Smart Capita can be used by any shopkeeper without any expert help. With the help of Smart Capita, shopkeepers can change all of their manual or paper work into digital format. It can be used for any kind of shop or showroom.

Services of Smart Capita :

Stock & Inventory Management : Stock & Inventory management is that, how much stock you have at one time, and how you keep track of it. With the Smart Capita software, it will be easy to know how much stock is available and how much stock is needed. This software is also helpful for the small retail outlets as it is very easy to access.

Customer Relationship Management: It is a widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients, and sales prospects. A customer relationship management system may be chosen because it is thought to provide quality & efficiency, decrease in overall costs, increase profitability. All these features can be processed through Smart Capita software which is easily operated by any common person.

Vendor Detail: With the Smart Capita software, a company can record the vendor’s detail. The details for the vendor registration are; name of the vendor, registered office address, country, name of contact persons, contact number of contact persons and many more details can be stored by this software at one place.

Billing Information: Smart Capita software can be used to record billing information.

Easy to Operate: Smart Capita software is software which is easy to use.

Smart Capita Hotel Management Software

Smart Capita Hotel Software is a very powerful tool for Hotel Management. The program has got innovative features to take care of all requirements of a Hotel and serves as complete Hotel Management System. This modular program keeps the detailed information about the visitors, rooms, employees, and accounts you deal with. Apart from the preparing and printing the bills and vouchers Smart Capita Hotel Management Software keeps you account up-to-date without any effort. Instead of accounting and billing, it keeps the record of the customers to maintain customer relationship management. With this feature they can retain their existing customers and attract new clients.

Smart Capita for School Management Software

Our School ERP Software- School Champ offers complete School Management Software which covers all the functions related to the smooth functioning of schools & colleges. Right from issuing of pre-admission forms to the announcement of cut-off list, followed by the new admissions and their subsequent fee submissions to the disbursing of study material, the features covered in our School Champ help in streamlining every activity in the school. .

Smart Capita for Automobile Management Software

Smart Capita Auto Software System is a system which is to be used by automobiles stores for Invoicing, Inventory Control, and Sales & Purchase Control and Accounting. This modular program keeps detailed information about the Suppliers, Customer and accounts you deal with. This software is also providing services for the vehicles which are purchased from the store itself. Through this you can also prepare job sheet for the vehicles. This software system is designed for use on Window 2007/XP.

Smart Capita for Hospital Management Software

Smart Capita Medical Software System is highly automated system for medical stores. With this software a medical storekeeper can do billing and keep daily records. This system has got powerful features to take care of all requirements of a medical shop. It serves as a complete software including accounting. This software system is designed for use on Windows 7 /XP.

Smart Capita for Retail Management Software

As we know that now a day’s General Shopkeepers are playing a very lead role in Small and Medium Enterprises and they are also facing problem at the time of accounting and billing. And moreover, they don’t have that facility through which they can keep the detailed record of their creditors or debtors as well. Smart Capita General Shopkeeper Software System is a system totally for general shopkeepers. This software can be used for recording daily sales and purchase activity with accounting and without accounting. The without accounting software only do the billing part but not calculate the balance sheet for the shop. This software system is designed for use in Window 2007/XP.

Student Guideline

Student Guideline : samrtcapita

Student Guideline is an innovative product of Nicole Infosoft, a Global IT solutions provider. Student Guideline is a truly unique and interactive portal (www.studentguideline.com) for student.

This is the first time in online portal; all kind of appropriate guidance for student will be available on a single portal which will be totally free for student. Student Guideline (www.studentguideline.com) provides Mock test, Tips, Quiz, and Search Facility for Coaching, Tuition, College, and School for students and interaction with respective counselors, Suggestion from other student and expert and detail about Job Opportunity, Laptops & Desktop, Mobile, Bike and Accommodation for students.

Feature & Benefit

* Selection of Right College, School and Coaching.

* Provide Interaction with Counselors to Get one to one Consulting.

* Mock Test, Quiz and Tips for Major Competitive & Board Exams (E.G. – Management, Banking, Engineering, Medical, 10th, 12th ….)

* Latest News and Exam & Result updates

* Live Chat with Students and Experts to Clear Even the Minute Doubts.

* Also Help in Deciding Better Job Option, Laptops & Desktop, Mobile, Bike and Accommodation for Students.

* Have Games to Rejuvenate You Under Entertainment Zone.