Retail Management

Billing and Inventory Software (One Click IT Solution)

Version 3.1
Price Rs.25000.00+GST
Operating Systems Win XP/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10/Linux/MAC OS


Software Description

“One Click IT Solution” is Complete IT Solution for 36.8 million Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises in India and fulfill their all IT related requirement.We provide complete package of “Offline Billing & Inventory ERP, Online Billing & Inventory ERP, Ecommerce Website, Mobile Application and Market Place Connectivity” in one software. After getting this software, no need to buy any other Software Products or Services.

Features :-

Billing Management system is a complete billing management solution. Product line and customization service allow our customers to satisfy any business needs. This Software comes within a group of applications that manage the retail business and reduce time and manual efforts. It is widely accepted by our trusted customer/client.

1. Minimum resources required (as computer, printer, scanner).
2. Able to track business from Remote location.
3. Online selling option (provide own business E-commerce website as well as connect.
your business to marketplace like Amazon, Flip cart, EBay etc. to get online order).
4. Customer can buy and make payment through Mobile application without going to billing counter.
5. System can manage multiple branches and multiple users.
6. Security and privacy of data by different roles and users.
7. Import of Master’s Inventory.
8. Export of data to excel sheet of Report modules.
9. Stock management of each item with different MRP.
10. Hold bill feature while generating Invoice.
11. Short keys for each module and action.
12. You can use the software without using mouse.
13. Barcode generator & reader for each item.
14. Ledger and Cr/Dr management.
15. Easy GST calculation.
16. The ability to add your company logo and financial year.
17. Different Payment methods.
18. Reduces all manual workloads.
19. Maintain Different GST Reports.
20. Sales & Purchase Order Management.
21. Customer Birthday and Anniversary Remainder.
22. Customer Management .
23. Purchase and purchase order Management.
24. Supplier Management.
25. Inventory Management.
26. Employee Management.
27. Account Management.
28. Ledger management.
29. Reports.

Providing Single Software which contains offline billing & inventory ERP, online billing & inventory ERP, ecommerce website, mobile application and market place connectivity with domain and server.
Providing one click solution which is very easy to use.In fact 10th pass employees are easily able to operate our system.
Track Complete Operation from Remote Location Using Mobile Application as well as from Web Application of our ERP.
Provide Own Business Ecommerce website without any development charge.
Connect to Marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay etc. to sell you inventory without any manual entry on particular and get Online Order. For using this feature you need to create your own account on all Market place website.
Customers can Buy and Make the payment through Mobile Application without Going to Billing Counter.
Our software provides you the best inventory and stock management solution .It provides you the flexibility to maintain the stock with different price.

1. System can create and manage the inventory of two different types as-
‘Sale on MRP’ and ‘Sale on Own Price’.
2. Manage Inventory according to Items/Goods Categories.
3. Flexibility of manage the inventory with different Units.
4. Flexibility of manage the inventory on retail and two different wholesale MRP price.
5. Facility to define the quantity in each wholesale Unit (as for bundle, packet, cartoon etc.)
6. Effective Discount calculation while adding Inventory.
7. Auto fills option for item if same item is used by other store.
8. Upload Images of items.
9. Manage sale margin in Amount or percentage as your choice.
10. Giving GST percentages while adding Inventory.
11. Stock Report Give you the complete record of your stocks in hand and plan on the stocks be
to purchased . You can track the quantity of In stocks, Out stocks and current stock , Purchase Price, MRP for each item.
12. Stock management with Different purchase Price and MRP for same Item/good.
13. Maintain minimum stock items, list of items/goods which current stock is less than the minimum stock for that item.
14. System maintains the records of your damage stocks.

Our software provides a well designed, well functioning Purchase management to add the products in your stock report.
1. Purchase Order .
2. Purchase Order Loading Full / Item Wise / Partial Quantity.
3. Facility of Purchase directly or based on created P.O.
4. Ability to fetch data of selected P.O. for generating the Good Receipt Note.
5. Facility of Purchase items/Goods by their name or their barcodes.
6. Facility of purchase the same items with different units i.e. for retail sale or for Wholesale.
7. Pick Rates, MRP of items from Inventory for effective calculation.
8. Facility of adding item’s Rack NO. and Expiry Date.
9. Selection of ‘Place of Supply’.
10. Identification of GST type based on ‘Place of Supply’.
11. Automatic system generated Bill No. for each purchase.
12. GST calculation for each item.
13. Facility of selecting supplier for purchase.
14. Facility of defining the ‘Payable Amount’ and ‘Balance Amount’ for each bill to maintain the ledger and Payment effectively.
15. Facility of selecting the payment methods for each bill.
16. Goods Receipt Note printing after saving the bill with all details.
Our software provides a well designed, well functioning sale management in retail or in wholesale as per your requirements. Sales Module provides the facility of manage main business processes of sales and stock management and returns handling.
1. Provide two type of Sale – Retail sale and whole sale.
2. Facility of adding items/Goods by their Name, Sku code or their barcodes.
3. Facility of searching the Items by pressing F3 button.
4. It shows the list of item available in stocks based on their MRP so that you can select desired item.
5. Discount can be entered item wise in Amount or in percentage.
6. On this page you can distribute the discount on all items added for generating invoice by giving it in one field only in percentage and system will calculate the discount for each item based on their MRP.
7. Facility to add Freight Charge, Transportation Charge and Other charges.
8. Pick and show MRP and current stock of items from Stock reports for effective calculation.
9. Selection of ‘Place of Supply’.
10. Identification of GST type based on ‘Place of Supply’.
11. Automatic system generated Bill No. for each sale.
12. GST calculation for each item.
13. Facility of selecting customer for sale or add customer details manually at run time.
14. Facility of defining the ‘Receivable Amount’ and ‘Balance Amount’ for each bill to maintain the ledger and Payment effectively.
15. Facility of selecting the payment methods for each bill.
16. Invoice ‘saving’ or ‘saving and printing’ after adding with all details.
17. Features of holding bill and cancel the hold bill.
18. Maintains the list of all Hold Bill.
19. Facility to generate the Invoice for hold bill.
20. Features of editing the generated bill by entering the bill no. in ‘Search Bill No’ Field.
1. Invoice printing is most important part of any business. Our system provides the facility to print the two type of invoice –
I . Standard Invoice
II. Thermal Invoice
2. On Invoice all details will print as: customer details , item details, MRP ,Discount %, Discount Amount, GST Amount of all three types, All Other charges, Grand Total, Receivable and Balance Amount.
3. On standard Invoice GST Chart will also print which shows GST Amount of Different types and on different % to track the GST amount.
4. Generated Invoice can be updated by using ‘sale Module’ by searching its bill number.
1. Returns module allows maintaining the stocks properly by purchase return and sale return.
2. Purchase Return offers to return the purchased item to maintain your stock correctly.
3. Sale Return offers to return the sold item to maintain your stock correctly. You can return the item by selecting Invoice no. , and specifying the following details:
3.1 Return qty for each item.
3.2 Status (Damage/Stock).
Our software provides the effective and easy GST calculation while adding items in inventory and purchase and sales module.

1. Facility to define purchase GST % while adding item to inventory and system will generate automatically purchase GST Amount based on purchase Price and sale GST Amount based on MRP.
2. Effective calculation of GST for both type of item –‘Sale on MRP’ and ‘Sale on Own Price’.
3. Facility to calculate GST in purchase and sale module for each item.
4. Effective GST calculation for each item for retails and Wholesale price/MRP.
5. Identification and representation of GST Type based on place of supply as IGST , CSGT/SGST, CGST/UTGST.
6. Maintaining the proper GST Report for purchase and sale module.

1. Discount calculation is an important feature of our software which makes you to run your business effectively and easily.
2. Our software provides you the facility of giving the discount in multiple way for manage your Inventory, stock, purchase, sale and Report.
3. You can give discount on MRP while adding inventory to the system in Amount or in percentage.
4. You can give discount while purchasing the items in Amount or in Percentage.
5. You can give item wise discount on sale and wholesale page in Amount or in Percentage or changing the ‘our price’ of items. When you change our price of item system will calculate and show you the total discount given on MRP.
6. On sale and Wholesale page you can distribute the discount on all items added for generating invoice by giving it in one field only in percentage and system will calculate the discount for each item based on their MRP.
1. Our system provides the facility of analysis the purchase and daily sales in sale register or Daily collection report.
2. System maintain the daily wise/month wise/ bill wise purchase and sale report.
3. System maintains the item wise/bill wise sale margin to keep the record of profit of the business.
4. Daily sale register maintain the sales daily/date wise to keep the track of business status.
1. Ledger and Cr/Dr is maintained by our software to easy bill payments and keeping the record of cash/ fund flow.
2. Supplier Ledger maintain the ledger of your supplier by supplier wise, date wise or payment mode wise.
3. Supplier Cr/Dr maintenance.
4. Facility of receiving fund by cash,cheque and card.
5. Customer Ledger maintain the ledger of your Customer by customerr wise, date wise or payment mode wise.
6. Customer Cr/Dr maintenance.
1. System provides you Security by defining various user roles.
2. Role management and module Assignment to each role.
3. Password secure system.
4. Multi user and multi role management.
Reporting is one of best feature of our software. It helps you to analyze and track the business status.
1. Sale register.
2. Invoice Report.
3. Customer Ledger.
4. supplier Ledger.
5. Supplier Receipt Report.
6. Stock Report.
7. Check Minimum Stock.
8. Damage Stock Detail.
9. Purchase Item report.
10. Supplier wise Purchase Report.
11. Purchase GST.
12. Purchase GST Return.
13. Item wise GST.
14. Sale GST.
15. Sale GST Return.
16. Sale Return Report.
17. Purchase Return Report.
18. Sale Margin Report.
19. Barcode Generator.
1. Data import and Export make you to easily export and import of data. It reduces manual work and required less efforts.
2. Data Import to master module.
3. Import item details to the system.
4. Export of all reports in excel sheet in proper format.
5. Export of all GST reports to excel sheets.
1. There is the facility of defining/ con figuring the features of the software according to your business requirements.
2. Defining /configuring the company details.
3. Adding company logo to invoice print.
4. Adding other, Freight, transportation charge to sale module as per your business requirements.
5. Configuring the company financial year and month.
6. Defining the invoice type print by default after sale.
Our software shows you remainder on dashboard on your customer birthday and Anniversary date.It help you to make a better relation with your good customer.
Utilities provide some extra features in this software to take the backup of the data and import the file for master module which save the time and reduce the efforts in manual data entry in Master module.